WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10: the new beta is now available

whatsapp for blackberry 10WhatsApp is a free instant messaging application for smartphones that allows you to chat with friends, family or colleagues who use Android, iPhone or Windows Phone devices. Currently this successful app is not used just to chat, but also to share instantly music, video and pictures with your contacts, all included in your flat fee. After several updates available mainly for Android users, finally it is now available a new beta for BlackBerry 10.

It seems that this new beta fixes many of the bugs contained in the previous version. So let’s look in detail what changes and which are the improvements that  this new beta provides. Users of BlackBerry 10.3.2 will be surely glad to know that with this new beta WhatsApp is able to read Facebook contacts from the system’s address book. It goes without saying that this is a big improvement, as it solves the problem of the missing contacts.

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Between the bugs that have been fixed there is the one concerning the unanswered incoming calls. In fact, so far, if you missed a call the pop-up was not showing it. Furthermore, now BlackBerry users will be happy to know that finally the bug that caused the first message sent in a new conversation to be shown only after a few seconds has been fixed. Since these improvements are currently contained just in the beta version, if you want to download this new version, you can do it only from the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Once you are in BlackBerry Beta Zone, first of all you have to register, then you will be able to download and install WhatsApp Beta version.  After that, you must accept terms and conditions and have your mobile phone number to be verified. After you have your phone number verified, you will be able to enter into your WhatsApp account.