Whatsapp for QMOBILE

Whatsapp for qmobile

If you have a QMOBILE phone and you are trying to install or use Whatsapp without success, then here you’ll find several practical advices and solutions.

First of all, what’s your Qmobile phone model? Indeed, everything depends on which QMobile phone you’ve bought. The most recent smartphones, like the X80, X550, i5i, X800, X6 and X5 models have already an Android operating system, therefore download and installing Whatsapp on your QMobile is an easy and smooth process, as explained in details on this page.

But if you own an older or cheaper model like the QMOBILE e860 – e880 – e890 – e950, then the process of installing Whatsapp it’s a bit tricky. The e860, e880, e890 and e950 models have a proprietary version of JAVA Os which is not compatible, by default, with the Android Whatsapp app. To get detailed step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Whatsapp on e860, e880, e890 and e950 Qmobile models please refer to this page.

Using Whatsapp on QMobile – advanced Tricks
What about using Whatsapp on your Qmobile smartphone as an “advanced user”? Let’s see some of the most important function available on this App, from backup to restore contacts on a different QMobile device.

Backup – in order to backup Whatsapp messages on your Qmobiles phone, you must follow these 3 simple steps:

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  • Launch WhatsApp Messenger, tap the menu key and go to Settings.
  • Go to Chat Settings, inside you will find the “Backup discussions” option.
  • Click on that, and choose your preferred backup date and time to complete the process

How to restore Messages from WhatsApp to Qmobile phones
Whatsapp discussions can be restored, either on the same phone or on another one. There are different approaches to this process, depending if restore process must be completed on the same device or on a new telephone.

Restoring WhatsApp Backup on the Same Device
If you have erase your discussion on Whatsapp coincidentally and now need to restore them, simply erase the Whatsapp app from your phone, then reinstall it. After that the application will ask if you want to restore your discussion/history or not (obviously select “yes”).

Transfer WhatsApp Backup to another Qmobile
WhatsApp is set up in such a way that you can easily transfer your message threads to any device. Essentially, you have a WhatsApp folder in either your device’s internal memory or SD card, which you may transfer to any phone you want the conversations to be restored. If your WhatsApp folder is on the SD card, just remove the card from the source device, insert it into the new target device and install WhatsApp. When asked for restoring backup, just agree and that’s it… you’re good to go! If the WhatsApp folder is in the internal SD card memory (as with almost all Nexus phones and tablets), copy that folder from one device to the other, and follow the same installation method explained above.
Backing up and restoring WhatsApp messages on your Qmobile phone are both easy processes: even if you change your smartphone, you can still take your WhatsApp conversations with you without hassle. As a last chance to quickly backup your messages, you can even email them to yourself (as an attachment). You’ll have a quick extra backup in your mail inbox in just few minutes !

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